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Appliances use energy, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all energy hogs. We’ve chosen these household devices for their unique functionality, sustainability features, and durability.

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An assortment of items for sustainable living, some still in a cardboard box, including laundry sheets, wool laundry balls, a beige tote bag with a woman and the Earth on it, solid shampoo and conditioner bars, and more. A box of laundry sheets is labeled with the brand name ZWS Essentials
Zero Waste Store
Two white tubes shown next to two cardboard boxes with a white towel in the background. The white tubes ach have a metal key at the top to help get all the product out of the tube. The products have the brand name Everist. The tube with the yellow top says “The Shampoo Concentrate” and the tube with the red top reads “The Conditioner Concentrate.”
Everist Hair and Body Care
A white marble counter has seven opaque green hexagonal capsules on it labeled with the names of different products: Face Wash, Jewelry, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Moisturizer. Another capsule is ope and reveals vitamins and supplements inside, and a person’s hand is shown removing a vitamin pill.
Cadence Toiletry Capsules
A cookbook cover featuring a number of grilled vegetables on the cover, with the title The Gardener & the Grill.
The Gardener & the Grill
A white cookbook cover, with the words, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page on the cover along with four wooden spoons full of spices and two slices of limes.
The Vegetarian Flavor Bible
Three aluminum bottles, each with a line drawing of a deer on them and the brand name Alpine Provisions and the size noted as 16.9 ounces. One is a shampoo, one a conditioner, one a body wash, all in the Fir + Sage scent. A small glass bottle with a black top to the right, filled with white tablets, is labeled with the same Alpine Provisions brand, as well as “Whitening Mint Toothpaste Tabs.”
Alpine Provisions
A man's hand grasps a red-handled pruning shears and is about to clip a red camellia blossom from a leafy bush with many red flowers on it.
Felco Gardening Tools
Five unglazed terra cot olla pots for passive watering. The pots are longer than they are tall, with attractive glazed ceramic tops in various hues of green, blue, and purple.
One Wintry Night Garden Ollas
A bee covered in bright yellow pollen on top of a bright red and yellow flower.
Crown Bees
On a bright green lawn under a tree, a woman in jeans and a red shirt sprinkles a powder onto the lawn from a green bag branded Sunday Fescue Rescue.
Sunday Lawn and Garden
Ego Electric Outdoor Power Tools
A small orange camp stove with the brand name BioLite on it is shown with flames coming out. Sticks rest on the side of the stove and a cell phone is plugged into the stove via USB cord.
BioLite Energy Products
Two people stand outside, dressed for cold weather, and look through binoculars.
Nocs Provisions Binoculars
A bubbling hot cheese pizza is being removed from a small silver and black Ooni pizza oven that is in shown in the backyard of a home.
Ooni Pizza Ovens
A red-headed woman shown from the knees up wears a matching beige linen shorts and vest, with a green checkered linen kerchief around her neck, and smiles at the camera. She stands in front of a brown photo background and wears linen clothes made to order from Lithuanian brand Menique.
Menique Linen and Merino Apparel
An oval-shaped wooden paddle brush with blonde bristles, a jar with a white cap and light brown contents labeled OSEA Undaria Cleaning Body Polish, and a tall jar with a white pump containing golden liquid labeled OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil, all from sustainable seaweed skincare company OSEA.
Osea Malibu Skincare
A woman’s hands are shown clasped in front of her seafoam green blazer and black skirt. On one hand, she wears a gold bracelet with a diamond letter M and a diamond tennis bracelet. On the other hand, she wears a thick, flat gold bracelet and several gold and diamond rings, all from jewelry company Mejuri.
Mejuri Jewelry
A small burlap bag with the word Activist on it is open on its side with small assorted vials and tins of skincare products.
Activist Skincare
A smiling woman in sunglasses and a hat is wearing white pants and a beige and turquoise print top.
Rockflowerpaper Home Goods and Apparel
A bouquet of three peonies, one cream, one pale yellow, and one bright pink, all made from paper, in a clear glass vase.
Unwilted Paper Bouquets
A small square cage bird feeder with a copper roof is filled with tufts of cream and brown-colored fur, shown hanging in front of green and red leaves.
Alpaca-Fur-Filled Bird Feeders
A group of people wearing Subset undergarments
Subset Innerwear
A woman facing the camera wearing a blue Kent t-shirt and underwear
Man facing away from the camera wearing Pact boxer briefs and a t-shirt
A cardboard box containing a dozen cleaning items for the kitchen, including several different scrub brushes, a soap brick, a soap dish, and a dish cloth.
Shop Without Plastic
Set of three Araks womens underwear
Araks Lingerie and Swim
A woman wearing a white sweater and blue Saalt period undergarments
Saalt Reusable Period Care
Bright green leaves of a houseplant have three small brass animal replicas hanging on the leaves: a sloth, a tree frog, and a chameleon. Photo courtesy AnotherStudio
AnotherStudio Plant Animals
A man sits at a light blond wood desk, with his hands on a white Apple keyboard over a grey felt desk mat. Matching wooden desk accessories elevate his Apple desktop computer and his iPhone. Photo courtesy Oakywood.
Oakywood Office and Tech Accessories
A person’s hand holds a cell phone in a gray case over a small phone mount connected to bicycle handlebars.
Peak Design
A person is shown from knee to elbow, walking while carrying a Macbook laptop tucked under the arm. The person, in bluejeans and a tee-shirt, wears a simple watch on a brown leather strap. Photo courtesy Back Market.
Back Market
Four black AA batteries with the brand name “paleblue” are charging on a micro-USB charger.
Paleblue Rechargeable Batteries
A clear, rectangular perfume bottle with a dark cap and a pink, floral label that reads “Vanilla Woods - The 7 Virtues” it atop a light pink knit blanket or scarf with diffuse twinkle lights in the background.
The 7 Virtues Perfume
A table with a traditional cream-colored lace tablecloth is set with attractive hand-painted dishes, vases, jugs, and candleholders.
A navy background with assorted products on it, including toothpaste, dish soap, a dog leash, toilet paper, a spray bottle, dish detergent packs, gut health vitamins, sponges, and more, many with the house brand label, Grove Co., for sustainable online marketplace Grove Collaborative.
Grove Collaborative
In front of a white background, a woman’s arms hold up a bouquet of 30 stems of purple peony tulips with many layers of petals on bright green stems. Image courtesy Bloomsy Box.
Bloomsy Box
A green frame is centered on a light blue wall. The frame contains a planter box full of plants, like aloe vera, cilantro, and mint or bee balm. A person’s hand can be seen snipping off one of the plants with a small shears. Courtesy Modern Sprout.
Modern Sprout
In a bright, spacious kitchen, a white Lettuce Grow hydroponic planter with LED grow lights is positioned next to the kitchen island. The planter, perhaps five feet tall, has a conical white base with about 20 slots where different edible plants, like herbs and lettuces, are growing. Courtesy Lettuce Grow.
Lettuce Grow Farmstand
A white portable power generator with the brand name Nature's Generator written on it sits in front of a solar panel on a white background.
Nature's Generator
Three yoga mats are lined up together, one blue, one deep red, and one navy, on a white background. All have five bears from the Grateful Dead bears doing yoga poses embroidered on the tops of the mats.
Jade Yoga
Four people ranging in age, gender, and skin tone lay smiling on their backs, faces up, on colorful rubber yoga mats. Their heads are close together and they wear athletic clothes.
Manduka Yoga Mats
Three people in a yoga studio face away from the camera in triangle pose, each with their front foot parallel to their yoga mats and their back feet perpendicular to their yoga mats. All three use either a cork or a recycled foam yoga block to support their lower hand in the posture.
Manduka Yoga Props
A bearded, dark-haired man and a silver-haired woman, both in their 20s or 30s, practice yoga on mats in a room with white walls and a wooden floor. Each uses a colorful, patterned Zafuko cushion to support their yoga poses.
Hugger Mugger Yoga
Two people sit on a rock in scrubby wilderness wearing outdoor pants and shirts appropriate for warm weather.
Prana Activewear
A woman, a man, and three small children, all blonde and wearing pajamas, sit on an organic mattress in front of a tufted cream-colored headboard. Image Courtesy Naturepedic
Naturepedic Organic Mattresses and Bedding
A blonde woman sits on a bed wearing light green and blue pajamas printed with trees, flowers, and sheep.
A smiling woman sits on a wet rock surrounded by fields wearing a backwards baseball cap and a faded black sweatshirt with a rainbow patch embroidered on it that reads HAWAII NATIONAL PARK / VOLCANIC WONDERLAND / PARKS PROJECT.
Parks Project
A wood dining room table with glass and crystal vases on top and bookcases in the background.
1st Dibs Vintage Furniture
Five women of varying ethnicities and sizes stand on a grassy hill and wear similar sustainable workout clothes in brown.
Girlfriend Collective
A close-up of a person chopping celery on a cutting board using a knife that's labeled Zwilling Pro.
Zwilling Pro Knives
A kitchen with blonde wood cabinets, white marble counters, and an induction stove facing out to a view of a mountainside covered with pine trees.
AJ Madison Appliances
A brunette woman wears a sage green linen blouse, unbuttoned, over a white tee-shirt and cream-colored pants.
Everlane Apparel
A jar of Saltverk’s flaky sea salt sits on top of a lava rock with a snowy Icelandic landscape out-of-focus in the background.
A cardboard box with Misfits Market written on it and an assortment of fresh produce and packaged foods arranged around and on top of the box.
Misfits Market
Two open, overflowing bags of flour from King Arthur Baking Company on a white kitchen counter top, with flour scattered next to them.
King Arthur Baking Company
A small white portable charger with the recycling logo and a small elephant on it is shown next to two plastic bottle caps and shards of broken plastic.
Nimble Tech Accessories
A cell phone screen-side down in a blue case showing a wave design and the brand name "pela" sits on sandy, rocky ground.
Pela Case Phone Cases
Four circles of liquid shiny nail polish colors: bright orange, bright pink, red, and sky blue.
Sparitual Nail Polish
Two white bottles with green and purple markings and a white and grey cylindrical package, all labeled as Dirty Labs brand Bio Laundry cleaning products, on a lavender and beige-colored background.
Dirty Labs Laundry and Home
A set of six clear containers of varying sizes with stainless steel tops contain foods including bay leaves, whole wheat flour, peppercorns, noodles, rice, and pasta shells.
OXO Housewares
Assorted clear glass canning jars, some filled with creamy yellow curd and others with dark red jam, sit on a cutting board with the rings close by to screw on top of the lids.
Ball and Kerr Mason Jars
A stack of three white boxes with green and black writing and photos of food, showing that the bags contain Responsible Products brand Compostable Resealable Bags.
Responsible Products Compostable Bags
Two food containers, a pair of slip-on tennis shoes, a sweater, a box of crayons, and a water bottle all feature prominent colorful labels with frogs and the name Jamie.
Mabel's Labels
A smiling child in blue tie-dye shorts and a yellow shirt sits on a skateboard while a bigger kid in purple tie-dye shorts stands next to the skateboard.
Mightly Organic Kids' Clothing
Two cardboard boxes containing unpainted pencils and colored pencils labeled with the brand-name Wisdom Supply Co.: Zero Waste for Good
Wisdom Supply Co. School Supplies
A small white and black dog with big ears holds a big, bright blue rubber toy in his mouth. Photo Credit Elizabeth Weinstein
West Paw Dog Toys
A small white dog with black and brown markings and big ears stands with his front paws on a silver tin with bags of Shameless Pets dog and cat treats around him.
Shameless Pets Treats
A shaggy, red doodle dog lies on a mustard-yellow dog bed and holds a bone and wears a bandana of the same yellow fabric. Photo credit The Foggy Dog.
The Foggy Dog
A small white and black dog with big ears stands with his front paws on a box of Original Poop Bags dog doo bags.
The Original Poop Bags
A large black dog with white and brown markings chews on a large grey bone.
Bulletproof Pets Indestructibone
A smiling, red-headed baby holds an egg and wears a cream-colored linen shirt and romper with a green print.
Oeuf Baby and Kid
A baby is shown from overhead playing with a wooden puzzle toy that spells out the name Lucie.
Smiling Tree Toys
A person carries a baby in a green, wrap-style carrier.
Solly Baby Wraps
A baby in a beige onesie and hat lies on a blanket and smiled while touching a teddy bear.
Cariloha Bamboo Bedding and Apparel
A ball made up of bright blue curliecues sits on a folded dishcloth.
Cora Ball
A woman with bright blue eyes is wearing a black hooded jacket with the hood up, with the brand logo Patagonia on the jacket.
A bed made up in white linens and red and yellow pillows has items on it for packing, including a colorful striped duffel bag from brand Anchal, jeans, a hat, and a toiletry bag.
Made Trade
A blonde woman wears dark sunglasses.
Opolis Optics
A relaxed-looking man smiles, wearing a pair of khaki trousers and a cream-colored linen button-up shirt from Tommy Bahama.
Tommy Bahama
A smiling woman in a black bathing suit and a straw hat.
Vitamin A Swim
A gray cooler bag with vegetables, fruit, and a bottle of wine inside
Out of the Woods Coolers and Bags
A woman's feet in brown flip flops with yellow uppers, standing on a dock.
Okabashi Sandals
A man in a long sleeved blue shirt and a black baseball cap reading Florence Marine X stands on a boat holding onto the rigging.
Florence Marine X Men's Swim
A hand holds a red Thermapen One thermometer pen over steaks on a grill to take the internal temperature of the meat.
Thermapen Kitchen Thermometer
A hand with long red fingernails holds what looks like a puff of whipped cream; a can in front that looks like a whipped cream can says Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30.
Vacation Sunscreen
A person's feet shown in cream-colored suede, two-strap sandals with a white fuzzy lining, wearing oat-colored socks underneath and white pants. Photo credit: Birkenstock
A white table set with plates and napkins in warm, muted tones
A pile of medium and large plates arranged in alternating patterns of gray, black, and brown colors on a white background.
Tarhong Planta Outdoor Dinnerware
Three bottles of non-alcoholic wine, two white and one rosé, with labels reading Giesen New Zealand
Boisson Alcohol-Free Beverages
A woman wearing a thick woolen cream-colored sweater leans against a tree with sunlight streaming down behind her.
Christy Dawn Apparel
An assortment of food items on a wood board, including sardines, mussels, and salmon, branded Patagonia Provisions.
Patagonia Provisions
a woven green picnic basket
Vintage Picnic Baskets on Etsy
A woman and toddler on a striped picnic blanket
Nomadix Towels and Picnic Blankets
Small white and black dog with big ears wearing a light blue leash, harness, and collar.
Awoo Dog Gear
Product image
Monica + Andy Organic Kids' Clothing
Product image
Neu Nomads Apparel
Recessed Lighting with Aluminum from Envision company, shown in both warm tones and cool tones. The user can decide what temperature they want the light to be before installing it. Photo Credit - HomElectrical
Envision LED Lighting
A woman works in front of a body of water, sitting on top of hay wearing boots and a pair of brown overalls made by Dovetail Workwear.
Dovetail Workwear for Women
A fancy modern white bunny hutch with black trim, with a bunny on the lawn below, painted with Ecos environmentally friendly and VOC-free paint. Photo Credit - Ecos Paints.
ECOS Paints
The 20 volt Compact Cordless Drill and Driver Kit from Dewalt, which comes with a yellow and black bag as well as a battery charger and battery.
Dewalt Power Tools
A yellow folding knife with black accents, made by Dewalt brand, to be used for construction work.
Dewalt Folding Retractable Utility Knife
A cardboard box with a delivery label from sits in the foreground as a woman in blue jeans and a blouse comes to collect it.
The Lomi Composter sits open on a kitchen counter, surrounded by piles of food.
Lomi Composter
Two shelves of cookware hold an assortment of bright, Azure-blue enamel-coated cast iron cookware from Le Creuset, including a round Dutch oven and a covered bakeware dish, as well as a molcateje, a dish cloth, and some flowers and gourds.
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron
A large countertop smart oven made by Breville with a roast turkey inside of it, with a woman's hand adjusting one of the knobs.
Breville Smart Oven
A white boat-style shoe with two eyes and perforated material with a navy Sperry brand logo on the top of the tongue.
Sperry Shoes
A pair of sleek, creamy white tennis shoes with white outsoles and white laces made by Italian brand Koio.
Koio Shoes
Product image
Nisolo Shoes
A person from the ankles down, shown in white jeans and a pair of white tennis shoes from designer Axel Arigato, with a green stripe on the side of the shoe that turns into a green birds with wings spread.
Axel Arigato Sneakers
A pair of ivory-white sneakers with white laces, thick rubber soles, and a small black logo on the top of the tongue, made by the brand Unless Collective.
Unless Collective Sneakers
We see the legs of a woman wearing wide-legged white pants and grey wool tennis shoes made by Allbirds. She leans against the side of a building with light blue brick.
Allbirds Shoes
A single green shoe with white detailing from Brazilian brand Cariuma.
Cariuma Sneakers
Two pairs of intertwined legs show two pairs of sneakers, including white sneakers from French brand Veja.
Veja Sneakers
Simple white tennis shoes from vegan brand Thousand Fell that look like white leather. The shoes have a bright lavender accent on the back heel.
Thousand Fell Sneakers
A brown-haired man and a blonde woman in color clothing from Toad&Co sit in front of a tiled wall.
Toad&Co Apparel
Dropps detergents
A cardboard box full of eco-friendly products, including Bee's Wrap, a loofah, stainlees steel food storage tins, Kleen Kanteen reusable beverage containers, bamboo cutlery, and more from sustainable online marketplace EarthHero.
EarthHero Sustainable Marketplace
Product image
Who Gives a Crap
Two canister vacuums, a robot vacuum, and a cordless vacuum are displayed on a staircase. An Australian Shepherd dog sits at the top of the stairs. Photo Credit - Miele
Miele Vacuums
A bottle of Rubio Monocoat Soap for cleaning wood floors. Photo credit - Rubio Monocoat
Rubio Monocoat Wood Soap
Product image
Guppyfriend Washing Bag
An assortment of liquid and bar soaps from Dr. Bronner's.
Dr. Bronner's Soap
A turquoise background shows four bottles of cleaning solution made by Blueland. A woman's hand hovers over one of the bottles to drop a tab into the bottle.
Blueland Cleaning Products
Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls
Friendsheep Wool Dryer Balls and Home Goods
A woman changes out a dirty filter for a clean one in the PlanetCare laundry filtration device installed on her home washing machine.
PlanetCare Laundry Filters
A cardboard box labeled Thrive Market, with non-perishable snacks and groceries in and around it
Thrive Market
On a marble background, three small, square, paper-wrapped packages from the brand Ethique. The rust-colored package reads Sweet & Spicy Shampoo Bar and has an orange and cinnamon sticks nearby. The orange package has a soap bar on top and reads Sweet Orange Creme Body Wash. The purple box reads Wonderbar Conditioner Bar and has an orange on top. Photo Credit - Ethique
Ethique Solid Beauty Bars
On a marble surface is an open, used bamboo Capsule Palette from Elate Beauty. It contains different shades of powder blush, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. A large face brush and small eyeshadow brush lie near the palette, which can be refilled with products of the consumer's choosing. Photo credit - Elate Beauty
Elate Beauty
Two sets of three makeup Balmies, "the originial zero-waste ulti-use crayon" for lips, cheeks, and eyes.
Axiology Beauty
A woman with radiant, freckled, olive-toned skin, dark hair and thick dark eyebrows holds up a package of Saie Beauty's Glowy Super Gel in Starglow. Photo Credit - Saie Beauty
Saie Beauty
Product image
Brodo broth's founder, Marco Canora, serving Brodo broth from his restaurant's takeout window. Photo credit - Brodo
Brodo Broth
A box of clean beauty products in sustainable packaging from Credo Beauty. photo credit Whitney Multari for Bluedot Living.
Credo Beauty
A woman with smooth skin and natural-looking makeup looks into a compact as she applies mascara.
The Honest Company
Two skincare products from clean skincare brand Ursa Major on a wooden table.
Ursa Major
From the neck-down, we see a person wearing black pants and shoes and a white shirt holding a Loqi reusable bag featuring a print by artist Hilma of Klint. The bag has a pattern of greys, pinks, reds, and yellows. The person sits on a chair in a white room painted with black squiggles.
Loqi Reusable Bags
A man wearing sunglasses, a beige corduroy shirt, and white t-shirt, stands on a cliff above a beach.
Outerknown Apparel
The photo shows a woman holding a small (3-4’) gray shark over the side of a boat. The woman is wearing black and photographed from behind, and it looks as though she is about to drop the shark into the ocean. In the foreground is blue-green water and then a town, with mountains behind it.
Animal Experience International
An aerial photo shows a view of the rocky coastline of California’s Sonoma County. A wide, two-story structure is visible, a white building with brown roof and trim. The building is the Timber Cove Resort.
Kind Traveler
A mug with a peace sign contains a latte with foamed plant milk in an attractive swirl pattern. The plant milk is made by Joi. photo credit Julia Cooper.
Joi Plant Milk Concentrates
An AeroGarden Bounty Elite hydroponic planter in stainless steel sits on a blonde wood countertop. Herbs including rosemary, sage, and parsley grow in the AeroGarden. We see the torso of a man in a gray shirt; he adjusts a setting on the front panel of the planter with his left hand.
AeroGarden Planters
Package Free Shop's Kitchen Essentials Kit, including a copper scrubber, a wooden scrub brush with extra brush head, and a Swedish-style dishcloth.
Package Free Shop
A weighted body wrap from Ardent Goods made in lavender-covered linen.
Ardent Goods
A Saatva brand Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress
Saatva Mattress
Stamped chocolates, painted green and red, made by Ragged Coast Chocolates. Photo by Doug Mindell.
Ragged Coast Chocolates
An open, mirrored bathroom cabinet with shelves stocked with toiletries from Public Goods.
Public Goods
A bed with clay-colored Coyuchi bedspread and pillows and cream-colored sheets in a room with a minimalist room with a potted tree, small wooden side table, and shiplap panelling on the walls.
Coyuchi Bedding
Two boxes of Valrhona chocolate on a marble slab.
Valrhona Chocolate
A grouping of products from The Real Milk Paint Co., including paints, finishing creams, and stripper.
The Real Milk Paint Co.
A smiling man sits on a mattress with his feet on the floor and his hands folded between his knees. The room has light wood floors and a tall lamp and a plant for decoration.
Avocado Mattresses
Two Bernese mountain dogs lie on a red floor in the sunlight, with noses touching.
Earth Rated Dog Bags
A group of people plant seedlings on a trip organized by Earthwatch. Photo credit Dr Natalia Rossi
Earthwatch Expeditions
A white tablecloth spread with Mast chocolate bars in an array of varieties and fruit.
Mast Chocolate
Four chocolate caramel truffles from Laughing Gull Chocolate sit in a gold box on a bamboo board.
Laughing Gull Chocolates
A pale pink canister of organic, 100% cocoa powder from American chocolate brand Guittard, with a small pile of cocoa powder on the right side of the canister.
Guittard Chocolate
Three rolls of paper towels made from bamboo, with the brand name Soft Landings
Soft Landings Reusable Bamboo Cloths
Two lit, beeswax pillar candles staged on pewter candleholders.
Bluecorn Beeswax Candles
A man wears a rust-colored, long-sleeved merino wool shirt from Nui.
Nui Merino Wool
A woman's legs, shown in black leggings and colorful, mismatched socks and sandals, crosses a small stream on tiptoe over small rocks.
Solmate Socks
In a brightly lit room, on a kitchen counter, a woman's hand pushes the button on top of a black SodaStream machine, which turns flat water into sparkling water. A glass of very bubbly water contains slices of fresh lime.
A white platform bed with crisp white sheets and duvet, accented by steel grey pillows and coverlet, sits in a modern room against a back drop of white and black striped wallpaper.
Boll & Branch Linens
Product image
Winter Water Factory Organic Apparel
Botanical Republic's skincare products.
Botanical Republic Skincare
A small dog plays with a toy.
P.L.A.Y. Pet Toys & Beds
Bee's Wrap, an alternative to plastic cling wrap.
Bee's Wrap
Product image
Sokol Blosser Vineyard
Sam Decker with a bottle of wine
Wine + Peace
An attractive, velvet-lined hinged box containing an assortment of five kinds of Tsar Nicoulai caviar and a mother-of-pearl spoon.
Tsar Nicoulai Caviar
A hand holding the Aspiration Zero Credit Card.
Aspiration Financial Services
A bottle of Misadventure & Co vodka, which is made from pastries and baked goods, surrounded by pastries and baked goods.
Misadventure & Co. Vodka
Grounds for Change coffee sampler.
Grounds for Change Coffee
Cuyana handbag, tote, and sweater
Cuyana Apparel
Fruit and Nut Energy Balls from Sun & Swell
Sun & Swell Snacks
A pair of woman's hands holding a brown ceramic coffee mug, showing a tea bag label reading "Activate Purpose"
Numi Teas
Teeccino beverages
Teeccino Teas and Herbal Beverages
Seed & Sprout silicone bakeware
Seed & Sprout Un-Baking Paper
Material Kitchen cutting boards
Material Kitchen
Product image
Arbor Made Candles
Product image
Gifts for Good
Product image
Cute Root Holiday Cards
Hope and Henry Organic Clothing
Hope & Henry Organic Clothing
Stasher Bags
Stasher Reusable Bags
An open cardboard box with six glass jars of spices inside.
Burlap & Barrel Spices
Olive oil being poured into a rust-colored frying pan on a stove.
Caraway Fry Pan
Wrappily wrapping paper and gift wrap
Wrappily Gift Wrap
True Leaf Market Microgreens
True Leaf Market
Vitamix FoodCycler
Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50
Product image
100% Pure Makeup and Skincare
Product image
Ilia Makeup and Skincare
Product image
Glow Recipe
Product image
Terra Thread
Product image
Product image
A woman with her hair pulled back wears a white, sleeveless linen blouse with a knot tied in front of the stomach and grey linen pants. She has her hands tucked in the pockets.
Eileen Fisher
Product image
Product image
Product image
Product image
Woman wearing green, dotted dress on beach
Amour Vert
A woman with curly wears an orange t-shirt and a bright blue jacket with light and bright orange stripes.
Product image
Product image
Soda Sense
Product image
Reformation Apparel
Product image