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Nui Merino Wool

"Wool may seem old fashioned,” says Bluedotter Nora McGraw, “but it's great for the planet." Merino wool has stood the test of time because it’s long-lasting, comes from a renewable source, and feels great, too. Nui makes beautiful, simple, machine-washable clothing for adults, children, and babies that is all designed to last and be passed down. We love merino because it feels great on the skin. It's also naturally antimicrobial and innately water-resistant, so it moves sweat away from the body, keeps us dry, and slows stains from setting. The majority of Nui’s garments use organic merino wool; the rest are all Oeko-Tex certified and free from the chemical additives and microplastics found in so much clothing these days.
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A man wears a rust-colored, long-sleeved merino wool shirt from Nui.

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