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Saalt Reusable Period Care

Cherie Hoeger, a mother of five, started Saalt in 2018 after learning that her aunt in Venezuela — and indeed the majority of women worldwide — lacked reliable access to period products. Saalt makes long-lasting menstrual cups, sustainable period underwear, and specialty detergent, all without PFAS or other toxic chemicals. If changing period products feels daunting, Saalt offers a coaching system and a long money-back refund period to help women get used to their new items. Period underwear has offered real relief to one Bluedot staffer with endometriosis, who used to suffer greatly from tampon usage. While her experience is with the Thinx brand, we’ve decided to review Certified B Corp Saalt, which has better environmental bonafides. Saalt offers organic cotton period underwear as well as recycled polyester options. Saalt donates 2% of profits to women’s charities worldwide.
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A woman wearing a white sweater and blue Saalt period undergarments

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