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Koio Shoes

Italian footwear brand Koio makes luxurious shoes that pass through the hands of 42 craftspeople before making it to your feet. The “forever sneakers” maker gained a following when it released a “regenerative” version of its best-selling Capri dress sneakers. The understated yet chic Capri Regenerative is made with leather from cows raised on regenerative farms in the Swiss Alps. They’re aiming to source all their leather from regenerative farms by 2025. (As of now, most is Leather Working Group Gold or Silver certified.) A pair of the covetable Regenerative Capris costs $495, but depending on how inclined you are to boast, that might not be too hefty a price tag. Koio also makes chic loafers and boots.
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A pair of sleek, creamy white tennis shoes with white outsoles and white laces made by Italian brand Koio.
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