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Bluecorn Beeswax Candles

Burning candles creates a cozy vibe, but many candles on the market contain plastics that can actually pollute indoor air. (Paraffin? No thank you!) Bluedot recommends reading the ingredient labels on candles and avoiding all plastics, palm oils, and metal wicks. We think the long-burning, gently perfumed beeswax pillars from Bluecorn are a great choice. The company has been making candles by hand in rural Colorado for over 30 years, and sources quality wax from domestic apiaries that leave the combs intact for the bees. Bluecorn’s honey-colored, vessel-free tapers and pillars look elegant in a traditional candleholder and don’t generate unnecessary waste.
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Two lit, beeswax pillar candles staged on pewter candleholders.
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