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Dewalt Power Tools

“If you’re doing a reno, you need a power drill. You must have one,” says Bea Copeland, Bluedot’s home renovation expert. She uses power tools from Dewalt, which makes everything in the USA, and has published plans to become carbon neutral and achieve zero waste to landfill by 2030. Bea chooses all cordless tools, which offer the most convenience. She suggests ordering extra batteries and keeping them charged to maintain a good workflow, and getting all your tools from the same family so that the batteries are interchangeable. Bea’s other essentials include a circular saw with a guide rail and an oscillating multi-tool. “It really lives up to its name. You can attach all sorts of blades and do all kinds of things…clean out grout, cut nails off the back of a board.” And, she says, “it can get into really tight spaces. It never stopped being handy.” 
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The 20 volt Compact Cordless Drill and Driver Kit from Dewalt, which comes with a yellow and black bag as well as a battery charger and battery.
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