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Cadence Toiletry Capsules

Green your travel routine by ditching those little plastic bottles for toiletries! Try using the leakproof capsules from Cadence that one Bluedotter admits to being “obsessed with.” The woman-owned company creates capsules for toiletries, jewelry, pills, and more, each made from up to 50% recycled plastic. The capsules come in three TSA-compliant sizes; a 1.43-ounce Extender makes longer trips possible. The hexagonal capsules are magnetic, so they all stick together. In our own team member’s words: “They don’t leak and are indestructible: perfect for getaways.” You can buy just a single capsule for a favorite product or make an attractive “honeycomb” for all your items. The capsules themselves feel good in the hand and are easy to open, despite being truly leakproof. New customers can enter code BLUEDOT to save 15% on orders now until August 22
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A white marble counter has seven opaque green hexagonal capsules on it labeled with the names of different products: Face Wash, Jewelry, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Moisturizer. Another capsule is ope and reveals vitamins and supplements inside, and a person’s hand is shown removing a vitamin pill.

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