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Zwilling Pro Knives

A quality chef’s knife that performs day after day is a thing of beauty. A sustainable quality chef’s knife is even better. The Carbon Neutral Certified Zwilling Pro collection receives five-star reviews everywhere we look. The Pro knives have a Goldilocks-like reputation: not too heavy or too light, very sharp without feeling intimidating, and perfectly balanced. While having a big knife block on the counter can look nice, we don’t recommend these sets. They cost a lot and most of the knives tend to be neglected. If you invest in a couple of great chef’s knives instead, you and a partner can work side by side. One more climate-friendly pic: the Fresh & Save borosilicate glass food storage containers and vacuum pumps, which can dramatically extend the life of food and reduce waste. Zwilling, a nearly 300-year-old company, plans to become fully Carbon Neutral Certified by 2030.
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A close-up of a person chopping celery on a cutting board using a knife that's labeled Zwilling Pro.
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