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Misadventure & Co. Vodka

It’s all about the “spirit of sustainability” for Misadventure & Co., a distiller that saves baked goods from the landfill and turns them into vodka. Misadventure Vodka came to be when a bartender and an agricultural economist started talking about how to make a new kind of alcohol — a product that would be truly green in and of itself, and not just because of offsets. They ended up creating the world’s first carbon-negative spirit. By rescuing stale pastries from bakeries and food banks, Misadventure prevents the bakery items from becoming methane-producing garbage. This allows Misadventure to sequester more carbon than the distilling process creates. And, it tastes good: the company has won numerous awards for flavor. This is one misadventure we can’t wait to take.   
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A bottle of Misadventure & Co vodka, which is made from pastries and baked goods, surrounded by pastries and baked goods.

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