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Pela Case Phone Cases

We all need to protect our phones, but doing so comes at great cost: people toss well over a billion plastic phone cases every year. Canadian company Pela offers an excellent alternative — fashionable, eco-friendly cell phone cases available for most phone types, in many styles and colors. Flaxstic, the proprietary blend of biopolymers and Canadian flax that Pela uses for its cases, can be industrially composted. Pela’s phone cases can also be home-composted, although that process might take a year or more. Fortunately, the company makes it easy by sending a return mailer with each new phone case they ship out. You can return an old Pela case or a regular phone case, and Pela will recycle it or upcycle it. The company also makes phone grips, AirPod and iPad cases, smart watch bands, screen protectors, and more.
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A cell phone screen-side down in a blue case showing a wave design and the brand name "pela" sits on sandy, rocky ground.
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