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The next time you want a new device, consider Back Market, an online marketplace for professionally refurbished “reborn tech.” In 2023, Back Market announced that by refurbishing rather than discarding devices, it had prevented one million tons of carbon emissions. The French company, a Certified B Corp, aims to “empower people to make machines last through circularity and repair." Buying refurbished is a win-win: it saves consumers money and helps the planet. The site sells phones, tablets, laptops, earbuds, and more, all refurbished in-house or by carefully vetted resellers. Back Market devices come with a one-year warranty, a 30-day return policy, and in-house customer service. You can also sell your old devices for cash. Bluedot’s in-house computer expert, our digital projects manager, is a big fan. “I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff from Back Market,” she says, “and I’ve been happy with all of it.”
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A person is shown from knee to elbow, walking while carrying a Macbook laptop tucked under the arm. The person, in bluejeans and a tee-shirt, wears a simple watch on a brown leather strap. Photo courtesy Back Market.

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