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Paleblue Rechargeable Batteries

According to the EPA, Americans buy — and discard — billions of single-use alkaline batteries every year. There’s a better way: rechargeable batteries. Paleblue makes lithium-ion batteries that have a thousand lifetime uses. The provided micro-USB cable charger charges up to four batteries at a time in only 90 minutes. (A handy indicator light shows when the batteries are fully charged.) Lithium-ion batteries tend to be more powerful and boast smoother performance than alkaline batteries. Items like headlamps will perform more consistently rather than putting out dwindling light as the battery weakens. Like Bluedot, Paleblue is a 1% for the Planet company that donates a portion of its revenue to environmental causes. It also takes its name from the inspiring image of Earth as seen from space. Of course, we recommend recycling all batteries. For details, check out How to Get Rid of (Almost) Anything.
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Four black AA batteries with the brand name “paleblue” are charging on a micro-USB charger.

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