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Everlane Apparel

Apparel company Everlane has garnered a quiet reputation for timeless, well-made, affordable staples. Women’s favorites include sweaters made from alpaca, merino, and organic cotton; great tees; and a puffer made from recycled materials. The men’s Fall Edit includes covetable alpaca beanies, a very hip puffer jacket, and overshirts. Everlane made a name for itself through its concept of “radical transparency.” For every item sold, it shares production costs, as well as the name of the factory where the item is made. In line with that vision, the company has an extremely detailed online impact report detailing its sustainability commitments. The bottom line: Everlane has an enormous supply chain, and does a remarkably good job holding itself and its partners accountable. We also love their Black Friday Fund. Each year, Everlane funnels Black Friday profits toward a project that will help its factory workers.
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A brunette woman wears a sage green linen blouse, unbuttoned, over a white tee-shirt and cream-colored pants.
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