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Cora Ball

As Bluedot’s Marketplace Editor — and simply a person alive in the world today — I often get down on myself for not doing more to slow the climate crisis. I like to remind myself that I do some things really well. I’m great at composting, for instance. And now, I use a Cora Ball to help reduce my microplastic pollution. No longer do my favorite stretchy clothes merrily release all of their tiny plastic fibers into the wash and, eventually, the ocean. The ingenious Cora Ball hangs out in my laundry machine, tumbles around with my clothes, and reduces the microplastics my clothes shed by 31%. And all I had to do was buy it. I love having something else to pat myself on the back for. (A word from the wise: separate your tassliest, strappiest garments and your Cora Ball). Save 15% with code BLUEDOT.  
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A ball made up of bright blue curliecues sits on a folded dishcloth.

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