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Veja Sneakers

Simone, a Gen Z-er and crucial member of the Bluedot family, wears Veja sneakers everywhere, as do a number of her friends. She appreciates that “they're comfy for days with lots of walking” as well as being “flattering with every outfit.” Major bonus: “They last a long time." One of our favorite vegans also sports Vejas, and we mistakenly assumed that all their shoes were vegan. It turns out that the Brazilian-made brand’s name means “look” in Portuguese, and they actually make their shoes from plant, recycled plastic, and (Leather Working Group Gold-Certified) leather. But, you’ll probably have to look twice to tell which shoes are which. We recommend the sneakers featuring fair trade organic cotton, which Veja has used since its founding in 2004.
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Two pairs of intertwined legs show two pairs of sneakers, including white sneakers from French brand Veja.

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