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Mejuri Jewelry

Noura Sakkijha, the CEO and founder of Toronto-based, “everyday fine jewelry” brand Mejuri, is the daughter and granddaughter of jewelers. But, she says, “we’re shifting the focus from traditional archetypes of gifting to buying jewelry for your damn self.” The vibe is minimal, often with a bit of a twist. Think mixed metals, pleasing forms, cool but not overly trendy, all designed to layer. Prices range from $38 for sterling silver rings to $8900 for lab-grown diamond tennis necklaces. Many items cost less than $200. Our top picks include these bold but lightweight statement earrings, a gemstone mosaic ring, a classic paperclip bracelet, and this minimalist white sapphire necklace. 95% of the gold and 92% of the silver in the jewelry is recycled, and all the natural diamonds are Kimberley Process-compliant. As a founding partner of Regeneration, Mejuri helps process waste and restore the natural habitats from old mining sites. 
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A woman’s hands are shown clasped in front of her seafoam green blazer and black skirt. On one hand, she wears a gold bracelet with a diamond letter M and a diamond tennis bracelet. On the other hand, she wears a thick, flat gold bracelet and several gold and diamond rings, all from jewelry company Mejuri.

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