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Crown Bees

If you want to give your plants a boost, consider installing a bee hotel in your yard. The endeavor needn’t involve thousands of bees, a big white spacesuit, and smoke guns. It turns out that colony-dwelling bees, such as honeybees and bumblebees, make up a small minority of bee populations worldwide. Most are solitary bees, which do much less stinging and a lot more pollinating than honey bees. To help dwindling bee populations and your own garden, order solitary bees and a bee house from Crown Bees. The kits cost as little as $61.95. Crown Bees offers lots of information on raising the bees, but the truth is that it looks pretty easy. And what’s lovelier than bees buzzing around your garden, snacking on native flowers? Not much.  
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A bee covered in bright yellow pollen on top of a bright red and yellow flower.

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