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One Wintry Night Garden Ollas

Last year, when wildfire smoke was sucking marketplace editor Elizabeth’s rooftop garden dry, she sought advice on more efficient watering. Bluedot contributor Laura McClean inspired her to purchase a simple passive watering system: a clay pot, or olla (pronounced “oy-yuh”). The unglazed vessel worked exactly as McClean described in “Ten Gardening Tips to Conserve Water.”You simply bury the olla, fill it up with water, and place a lid on it to prevent evaporation. The dry soil surrounding the olla will pull the water through the clay pores.” The decidedly low-tech device proved so effective that Elizabeth wants to install more before summer’s hottest days set in. She has her sights set on ollas from One Wintry Night, a woman-owned, wind-powered ceramics studio in Wisconsin. Stunning glazed lids, an optional add-on to the largest size, make these ollas the prettiest we’ve seen. Ollas range from $19 to $56.
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Five unglazed terra cot olla pots for passive watering. The pots are longer than they are tall, with attractive glazed ceramic tops in various hues of green, blue, and purple.

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