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Lomi Composter

We love anything that makes composting easier, especially for cityfolk and people who just never warmed to the idea of keeping a bin full of slippery stuff. The Lomi is a small (dare we say chic?) electric composter that takes up little more than a cubic foot of counter space and turns food scraps into useful fertilizer. This appliance can process most foods (no bones, oils, or pits), yard trimmings, and cardboard, and essentially converts them all into dirt after 3­–20 hours of processing.  The longest mode takes 16–20 hours and creates a useful fertilizer, while the output from the shorter modes should simply go in the green bin or the garbage. If putting the dirt in the garbage seems odd, remember that doing so will dramatically reduce the overall volume and smell of household waste, and that the trash will release only a tiny fraction as much methane as the original scraps. We’ve tried this composter and the Vitamix model. While we like both, we appreciate the Lomi’s plastic-free filter and its slightly larger capacity. Get $50 off with code Bluedot.
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The Lomi Composter sits open on a kitchen counter, surrounded by piles of food.

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