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Saatva Mattress

You already know how much sleep matters. You don’t need to hear it from us! What you may not know is how many mattresses contain dubious materials. For that reason, we urge you to think very carefully about choosing your next mattress. (Learn how to properly dispose of an old mattress here.) Saatva mattresses, which are made to order in the United States, offer a number of advantages over most traditional mattresses. The beds feature organic cotton covers, eco-friendly foams that won’t off-gas, organic wool, sustainably harvested latex, and recycled steel inner springs. They also use a plant-based (rather than chemical) flame retardant. Saatva has 19 factories in the United States and automatically ships from the closest factory, so the mattresses don’t have far to travel.
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A Saatva brand Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

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