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ECOS Paints

South Carolina-based Ecos Paints has been making paint and paint products free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for 35 years — a long time in an industry that has only relatively recently begun adopting more sustainable formulations. More than one Bluedot expert recommends this brand. When our own Dear Dot picked apart problems with paint, Ecos came out as one of the winners. And our home renovation guru, Bea Copeland of The Cabbage Dispatch, chose Ecos for her own home. “It was a truly pleasant painting experience. There was no smell!” Bea raves. “And, they send a judicious amount for samples, so you don’t end up wasting paint, which I loved. Their site also offers great color pairing advice. It was the perfect nudge for someone like me, who’s a little color-phobic. The pairings were so good that I used them all over the house.” Our specialists have excellent company: The Louvre and the Getty Museum choose Ecos as the backdrop for some of the world’s most famous art.
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A fancy modern white bunny hutch with black trim, with a bunny on the lawn below, painted with Ecos environmentally friendly and VOC-free paint. Photo Credit - Ecos Paints.

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