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Envision LED Lighting

Recessed lighting gives uniform brightness to any room, and these EnVision LED's cusp disk lights are Energy Star efficient. You’ll be able to see them in action in Bea Copeland’s home renovation, aka The Cabbage Dispatch. She is a big fan of what she calls pancake lighting, because the disks are round and flat, pancake-style. The slim aluminum body comes in white, bronze, and brushed nickel. “These are very thin and very small recessed lights,” says Bea, noting that you can change the color temperature for different feels. Bonus: A translucent diffuser reduces glare.
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Recessed Lighting with Aluminum from Envision company, shown in both warm tones and cool tones. The user can decide what temperature they want the light to be before installing it. Photo Credit - HomElectrical

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