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Outerknown Apparel

Apparel maker Outerknown, founded by champion surfer Kelly Slater, strives to “make excellent-quality, sustainable products that last a lifetime.” The brand’s relaxed, California-cool duds almost belie just how seriously the company takes its mission. Outerknown aims for complete circularity by 2030, and has published a detailed plan listing milestones and goals. They recently implemented Outerworn, a secondhand marketplace for their own goods, as well as Project Vermont, an upcycled line of mittens, dog beds, bags, and more made from Outerknown textiles. Detailed sourcing and materials information accompanies every item on the site. The company’s signature item, the blanket shirt, is a favorite of Bluedot’s publisher, and perfect for in-between weather, or anytime you want to feel cozy but cool. Outerknown makes clothing for men and women; a limited edition children’s collection is available as of February 2023.   
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A man wearing sunglasses, a beige corduroy shirt, and white t-shirt, stands on a cliff above a beach.
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