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Blueland Cleaning Products

The Blueland website declares “Plastic is meant to last forever, but most of it is only used once.” The vast majority of cleaning products come in single-use plastics. Those plastics encase mostly water with a teeny bit of cleaning concentrate. Enter Blueland. This cleaning company makes the chicest cleaning products we’ve ever seen, and (gasp!) they’re actually fun to use. Blueland makes little tablets that are basically like AlkaSeltzer for cleaning. You simply pop the tablet into the bottle, add water, and it begins to fizz, leaving you with a bottle of cleaning solution. The Glass + Mirror and Multi-Surface cleaners work particularly well (although we didn’t think the Toilet Bowl Cleaner quite cut it). Blueland sells kits that come with sturdy Tritan plastic bottles in pastel hues, but you can cut out the plastic entirely by purchasing your own glass bottles.
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A turquoise background shows four bottles of cleaning solution made by Blueland. A woman's hand hovers over one of the bottles to drop a tab into the bottle.
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