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Guittard Chocolate

Catherine Walthers, chef, cookbook author, and Bluedot Food Editor, loves chocolate but won’t eat just any brand. She writes that the chocolate industry is “rife with unethical business practices, including child slave labor and rampant rainforest demolition, which contributes to climate change.” While Catherine recommends several boutique chocolatiers, she knows she can always rely on Guittard. That’s because the brand has been owned and operated by the same family since its founding in 1868, giving it plenty of time to gain shelf space in grocery stores. If you’re at the market, contemplating the assortment of chocolate chips, baking chocolate, and cocoa powder, choose Guittard. The company has good labor practices, transparent sourcing, and participates in the Cocoa & Forest Initiative to help safeguard cocoa-producing environments. Guittard is also actively working towards a zero-waste goal, reducing emissions, and transitioning to more recycled packaging materials.
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A pale pink canister of organic, 100% cocoa powder from American chocolate brand Guittard, with a small pile of cocoa powder on the right side of the canister.

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