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Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama makes clothes that are so wearable, comfortable, and flattering, it’s almost hard not to like them. So when we started to get ready for a beach-themed BuyBetter newsletter, we wondered: Is Tommy Bahama a sustainable brand? We started investigating and were pleasantly surprised. It turns out that they have a very serious program. Big changes, like setting specific goals for fabric sourcing, have already resulted in huge savings in water usage. They’ve also prevented many millions of metal clips, tissue paper, and plastic collar bands and hang tags from becoming waste, either by removing them altogether or switching to FSC-certified materials. We’re happy to say that we feel good about recommending this reliable, renowned lifestyle brand. Our top picks include the beach chairs, swimwear for men and women, linen apparel, and the exceptionally comfy Island Gauze clothes for women.
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A relaxed-looking man smiles, wearing a pair of khaki trousers and a cream-colored linen button-up shirt from Tommy Bahama.
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