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Joi Plant Milk Concentrates

Bluedot contributor and in-house beverage expert Julia Cooper loves almond milk, and used to buy two cartons a week for coffee and overnight oats. She recently decided to try Joi, a trendy brand that makes plant-milk concentrates. The verdict: “I am blown away by the steamability and foamability of these nut milks,” she gushed, adding: “I have never been so pleased by a non-dairy cappuccino.” She tried Joi’s Almond Milk Concentrate (their original product) and the Cashew Milk Concentrate. In addition to flavor and performance, the brand gets high marks for sustainability. Each shelf-stable, 15-ounce jar makes 14 quarts of milk, keeping extra waste out of the landfill, reducing pollution, and saving energy from shipping and refrigeration. Joi plans to become net zero and a Certified B Corporation by the end of 2023.
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A mug with a peace sign contains a latte with foamed plant milk in an attractive swirl pattern. The plant milk is made by Joi. photo credit Julia Cooper.

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