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Mast Chocolate

Catherine Walthers, an associate Bluedot editor, loves the ethically, sustainable produced chocolate made by her friends at Mast Market. The brand recently received a great vote of confidence from Consumer Reports, which did an in-depth study on heavy-metal levels in dark chocolate. In a test of 28 bars from 19 brands, Mast came out on top, with the lowest combined heavy metal levels. (Twenty-three of the 28 contained potentially unhealthy levels of either cadmium, lead, or both — yikes!). We conducted our own, less scientific analysis: a two-person taste test. All four bars had a clear and specific tang, unexpected but not at all unpleasant. We particularly enjoyed the 50% Cacao Organic Milk Chocolate, which had a rounded character and fruity notes of raisin and vanilla. We will happily assess Mast’s other offerings again soon.   **A note from Catherine: “A blogger went after them a few years ago, unfairly, and made mostly bogus claims that nearly cost Mast’s owners their business and their livelihood. The internet never dies, so it still comes up. They make beautiful, bean-to-bar chocolate that I recommend with confidence.” Save 15% off your order with code BLUEDOT.
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A white tablecloth spread with Mast chocolate bars in an array of varieties and fruit.

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