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Brodo Broth

Marketplace Editor Elizabeth gets nervous if she doesn’t have at least three quarts of homemade chicken broth in the freezer at all times (“because soup emergencies happen!”). She decided to put Brodo to the test and was impressed by the “welcoming, homemade flavor.” Her bottom line: “I’d use it! And I haven’t bought broth in years and years.” Of course, this broth has serious credentials. Its James Beard Award-winning maker, Marco Canora, started cooking himself bone broth after years of indulgent eating, and saw real improvement in his health. In 2014, he began selling cups of broth from his restaurant’s takeout window, and Brodo was born. Fastidious sourcing, slow-simmering, and hand-skimming — “this part’s really important!”, Elizabeth notes — all contribute true depth and purity of flavor. Brodo used to ship frozen with dissolvable, cornstarch-based insulation. But, a new shelf-stable formula means smaller packages and slower shipping times, which is much more eco-friendly. The company is also working towards a Plastic Neutral certification.
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Brodo broth's founder, Marco Canora, serving Brodo broth from his restaurant's takeout window. Photo credit - Brodo

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