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The Foggy Dog

Anyone looking to walk the dog with style and pizazz would do well to check out The Foggy Dog. The San Francisco company’s cheery, attractive dog-walking gear, beds, and toys have drawn comparisons to Kate Spade. They also do a commendable job of recycling materials and minimizing plastic. Beds, The Foggy Dog’s first hallmark, come in a range of relatively muted, serene prints; we recommend the Sustainafill insert made from old water bottles. To use up scraps left over from beds, the brand began making accessories. Bandanas, bow ties, lady bow ties, collars, harnesses, leashes, and waste bag holders — items that fashion-forward dogs will swap out with the seasons — come in a range of vibrant colors and prints. New styles are added relatively often; some, like a chic, upcycled denim line, always remain in rotation. Every order helps feed a shelter dog.
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A shaggy, red doodle dog lies on a mustard-yellow dog bed and holds a bone and wears a bandana of the same yellow fabric. Photo credit The Foggy Dog.
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