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Shameless Pets Treats

Shameless Pets has saved two million pounds of food from being wasted since 2018 and turned it into tasty treats for dogs and cats. As one of the first pet food companies to be verified by Upcycled Certified, Shameless takes sustainability seriously. Their bags use 25% recycled plastic and they make their treats in the U.S. in facilities powered by 80% solar power. Impressive! But this only matters if the treats taste good. Enter Sustainable Paw-ducts Tester, Finley the papillon. A typically picky eater, he enthusiastically sampled and begged for more of all four varieties he tried. You can find the core line of Shameless treats on Amazon and Chewy. For special, seasonal flavors  — and 15% off with code BLUEDOT — you’ll need to shop the brand’s own website. We especially recommend Finley’s faves, the Plant A Tree, Eat Your Greens treats. Shameless plants a tree for every tin purchased.
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A small white dog with black and brown markings and big ears stands with his front paws on a silver tin with bags of Shameless Pets dog and cat treats around him.

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