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West Paw Dog Toys

West Paw designs and manufactures eco-friendly dog toys, including the extremely popular enrichment treat toy the Toppl, in Montana. The Certified B Corp has developed very cool, safe toy materials that dogs love to chase and chew on, like the infinitely recyclable Zogoflex. The newer Seaflex is made with recycled, ocean-bound plastic. Finley, our Sustainable Paw-ducts Tester, loves eating his evening kibble in his Toppl toy instead of in a bowl — batting around the Toppl makes dinner a game. We also hear great things about the toys’ durability (although seven-pound Finley doesn’t put up much fight). After the toys have been thoroughly chewed, they can be completely recycled. West Paw has turned 140,000 tons of old Zogoflex toys into new ones. How cool is that? The company also makes beds, treats, and other pet accessories, and is a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.
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A small white and black dog with big ears holds a big, bright blue rubber toy in his mouth. Photo Credit Elizabeth Weinstein
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