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Bulletproof Pets Indestructibone

We recently learned about the Indestructibone, a dog toy from Bulletproof Pets that comes with a 90-day guarantee. (It’s also 10% off with code Bluedot.) Big dogs and aggressive chewers often go through toys fast, wasting a lot of plastic and money. So, we’re always on the hunt for a better, more sustainable dog bone — one that’s long-lasting, safe, and doesn't splinter into dangerous, intestine-rupturing pieces. The Indestructibone is constructed from a recycled, recyclable, BPA- and phthalate-free polymer. It resembles a concrete stick and looks about as no-nonsense as the company’s name. We weren’t certain we could even call this thing a “toy,” but who were we to judge? We brought in Bernese Mountain Dogs Cali and Theo, beloved canines of our own Dear Dot, to assess. While Cali and Theo have gentle hearts, Dot says “they can destroy just about any toy in record time — even ones marketed for aggressive chewers.” Indestructibones come based on weight and face shape (regular or “smooshy”), and the company will replace any bone chewed to replacement length before 90 days. An amusing Hall of Fame on their website shows all the dogs who have managed the feat. Dot thought that her dogs, especially mischievous Theo, might join this elite crew. First things first — we, the people, were wrong — this toy was not boring! The dogs, especially Cali, immediately delighted in it — and Dot didn’t even fill the hole with peanut butter or cheese. After several weeks of chewing by both dogs, Dot reports that “the Indestructibone remains pretty indestructible looking, with just a few teeth marks. It seems these two enthusiastic chewers have met their match.” Enter code Bluedot at checkout to save 10%.
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A large black dog with white and brown markings chews on a large grey bone.

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