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Hugger Mugger Yoga

Bluedotter and yoga teacher Mollie Doyle says that Hugger Mugger “has been a leader in cleaning up the yoga biz.” She also notes that they helped start the yoga biz here in the United States. The company launched in 1986 with shorts, D-ring yoga straps (everywhere now, but novel then), and sticky mats designed just for yoga. Almost 40 years later, they continue to offer innovative yoga gear, including handmade, American-made, and sustainably sourced options. Mollie uses their 10’ yoga straps in her practice and encourages all of her students to buy their own. She has tried others, but says these are the best yoga straps: “They last! Forever!” Hugger Mugger also offers a beautiful new line of Thai-made props called Zafuko cushions. Filled with fluffy, environmentally friendly kapok-tree fiber, the lightweight props work as cushions and bolsters. Some even do double-duty as a car or stadium seat.
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A bearded, dark-haired man and a silver-haired woman, both in their 20s or 30s, practice yoga on mats in a room with white walls and a wooden floor. Each uses a colorful, patterned Zafuko cushion to support their yoga poses.

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