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The Original Poop Bags

It’s hard to love dog doo bags. But, as Bluedot’s Marketplace Editor and the owner of a city dog, I go through a lot of them. And I think I should seriously consider anything that I use about 21 times a week, or 1100 times a year. I’ve tried several brands, and The Original Poop Bags® are my favorite. The company has been around since 2003, when a Chicago dog owner seriously started to think about how much plastic he was wasting while picking up after his dog. (He was also smart about search engine optimization, thus the company’s blunt name.) OGPB offers three bag types with varying eco credentials. I generally buy the bio-based or compostable, and prefer the compostable because 5% of the profits from all sales go to the Jane Goodall Institute. Please trust me when I tell you that these bags work great! Starting a new roll is easy. Each bag separates from the roll without fuss. And I have never had a bag break on me in the middle of a job. My dog weighs seven pounds, so you may be tempted to ignore my counsel. But if you don’t trust me, I hope you will believe our own Dear Dot, who shares her home with two Bernese Mountain Dogs. She too, prefers The Original Poop Bags, and says, “They’re big enough for my giant poopers (and come in tie versions, which is a personal preference of mine).” There you have it: The Original Poop Bags, our favorite sustainable poop bags, for dogs big and small.
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A small white and black dog with big ears stands with his front paws on a box of Original Poop Bags dog doo bags.

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