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Wisdom Supply Co. School Supplies

In 2016, two activists based in Northern California started Wisdom Supply Co. Their aim: to create a school supply company that reduces plastic pollution, and teaches children to treat goods as important, not disposable. The B Corp designs waste-free, reusable, repairable, non-toxic school-supplies. The founders call their Zero-Waste School Supply Starter Set their most impactful item. It includes an Endlessly Repairable FSC-Certified 3-Ring Binder and one box each of American-made, Unlacquered Incense Cedar Pencils and Colored Pencils. (Apparently, the paint on pencils breaks into microplastics when sharpened. Yikes!) They also offer tin pencil boxes, wax highlighters, folders, and planners. Yes, the items cost more than the standard, plastic versions, but they never need to go to a landfill. Even replacing one plastic item with Wisdom Supply Co.’s plastic-free alternatives is a great start.
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Two cardboard boxes containing unpainted pencils and colored pencils labeled with the brand-name Wisdom Supply Co.: Zero Waste for Good
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