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Thermapen Kitchen Thermometer

You know what wastes a lot of energy? Leaving the oven door open while you check the temperature of a loaf of bread or a roast. Also, buying and frequently replacing cheap, inaccurate kitchen thermometers. The Thermapen One is the best kitchen thermometer on the market, and solves both problems. In one second or less, the Thermapen reads the temperature of food to within one-half degree of accuracy, Fahrenheit. “My first Thermapen far outlived its five-year warranty, and served me well for eight or nine years of frequent use,” raves Bluedot’s Marketplace Editor. “My second one is now in its third or fourth year, and I remain devoted.” Should anything go wrong, ThermoWorks offers legendary service and repairs. The company also makes a great assortment of thermometers for grills and smokers.
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A hand holds a red Thermapen One thermometer pen over steaks on a grill to take the internal temperature of the meat.

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