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Solly Baby Wraps

One of the most important items in any new parent’s arsenal is a baby carrier. After plenty of research — including talking to several parents — we’re recommending the Solly Baby. Made from Tencel Modal (European beechwood tree pulp), the wrap-style carrier is easy to use and comfortable for both adult and child. Based on what we’ve heard from our own friends and read in Wirecutter and The Bump, the Solly Baby lives up to its claims by both promoting bonding and reducing crying. From a sustainability perspective, we like that these wraps come from bio-based materials and are biodegradable. A wrap also has a lower footprint than a bulky, backpack-style carrier (assuming both are purchased new; anything passed down is always an environmental win). The company offers free, one-on-one online consultations to help people get the hang of wrapping.
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A person carries a baby in a green, wrap-style carrier.

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