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You’re either a fizzy water person, or you’re not. If you are, you need a SodaStream, the magical device that makes plain water sparkle. In this household, (Marketplace Editor Elizabeth speaking here), we drink two to three liters of carbonated water a day. Our SodaStream sees a lot of action, and it just keeps giving, with no signs of wear. And, even though aluminum cans of seltzer are easy to recycle, generating hundreds of them a month felt unwieldy and unnecessary. Now, we just pop a new carbonation cartridge into the SodaStream every couple of weeks, or after we’ve fizzed about 15 gallons of water. We keep several spare cartridges in the house, and a few times a year we swap the empties out for new ones at a nearby Staples, which sends the used cartridges back to SodaStream for cleaning and refilling. And while newer, trendier, water-fizzing devices have come onto the market, we see no reason to switch.
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In a brightly lit room, on a kitchen counter, a woman's hand pushes the button on top of a black SodaStream machine, which turns flat water into sparkling water. A glass of very bubbly water contains slices of fresh lime.

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