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Loqi Reusable Bags

Bluedot’s Marketplace Editor, Elizabeth, here, weighing in on the deeply personal topic of reusable bags. Loqi, a Berlin-based brand, makes my perfect reusable bags. They weigh next to nothing, can carry almost anything, fold into neat little matching zipper pouches, and have handles that fit over my shoulder, even when I wear my puffiest winter coat. My Loqi bags have survived three years of regular grocery and farmer’s market hauls while truly loaded with stuff. And, they look cool. The brand collaborates with artists and museums to offer seriously hip prints. I’ve got Haring and Mondrian bags and plan on buying a Malevich. Other artists include Van Gogh, Chagall, Klimt, Kahlo, Hokusai, and Kandinsky. Loqi makes its bags from recycled materials, ships in FSC-certified packaging, and works with a number of organizations to offset emissions.
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From the neck-down, we see a person wearing black pants and shoes and a white shirt holding a Loqi reusable bag featuring a print by artist Hilma of Klint. The bag has a pattern of greys, pinks, reds, and yellows. The person sits on a chair in a white room painted with black squiggles.
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