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Elate Beauty

Elate Beauty, a family-owned business and Certified B Corp, offers an approachable collection of classic cosmetics, all thoughtfully and sustainably packaged. Three quarters of Elate’s items are organic, and most are fair trade; when given the choice, the company chooses fair trade ingredients over organic. We appreciate their very clear disclosures, including the admission that they (like the rest of us) are not perfect, but always looking to improve. As of early 2023, 75% of Elate’s items come in reusable, recyclable, or plantable seed paper packaging. Shoppers can choose among several bamboo palettes designed to hold refill cases of Elate’s powders, balms, and shadows. Ingredient-geeks will be happy to learn that Elate’s items are all on Think Dirty, Shop Clean, a consumer database app for personal care products.
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On a marble surface is an open, used bamboo Capsule Palette from Elate Beauty. It contains different shades of powder blush, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. A large face brush and small eyeshadow brush lie near the palette, which can be refilled with products of the consumer's choosing. Photo credit - Elate Beauty

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