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Dovetail Workwear for Women

Old jeans or leggings can be fine for small chores or gardening. But for heavy duty work, duds designed for long hours of wear and tear can protect you from scrapes, sparks, and much more. Dovetail, a young Portland, OR-based company, makes workwear exclusively for women, who have often had to make do with ill-fitting men’s clothes. At best, these men’s clothes are unflattering; at worst, they can cause tripping and even get caught in gears. So, Dovetail solves real safety issues for many women who have chosen to work in traditionally male spheres like construction and mechanics. Their sturdy clothes also help both reluctant and seasoned do-it-yourselfers feel ready to jump in and get started.  Dovetail’s work pants have thicker fabric, reinforced knees, more durable stitching and zippers, and deeper, stronger pockets. Overalls, work shirts, and vests have similarly useful details. The company keeps sustainability top of mind with low-water rinses, recycled and biodegradable fibers, and uses organic materials when possible. And, they require their suppliers and manufacturing partners to comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The inclusive line fits women who wear sizes 00–24, and a comprehensive fit guide suggests different styles for different body types. 
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A woman works in front of a body of water, sitting on top of hay wearing boots and a pair of brown overalls made by Dovetail Workwear.
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