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PlanetCare Laundry Filters

Over half of all clothes being made today include plastics. Every laundry cycle, these garments shed hundreds of thousands of tiny microplastic particles that make their way into our oceans, our food supply, and our drinking water. PlanetCare makes compact filtration systems that stop microplastic pollution before it leaves your washing machine. The filters connect to the washer, where they trap up to 90% of the plastic microfibers in each load. Once the filter cartridges become full (after about 20 washes), you insert a new cartridge and mail the full one back to PlanetCare, which will refurbish it for further use. It costs less than you might think: the Starter Kit is under $100 and filters ring in at about $8 each. Just be sure to replace your filters regularly. (Of course, the best solution to laundry-based microplastics pollution will always be buying clothes made from natural fibers.) Save 10% with code BLUEDOT.
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A woman changes out a dirty filter for a clean one in the PlanetCare laundry filtration device installed on her home washing machine.

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