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The Honest Company

In 2008, when actress Jessica Alba was pregnant with her first child, she pre-washed new onesies with a baby detergent and promptly broke out into hives. She searched for clean consumer products and was astonished when she couldn’t find items that met her needs and were accessible for the average family. Three years later, she launched The Honest Company. The brand now sells diapers, baby products, and a number of household products and beauty items. Is Honest the most luxurious, cleanest, most sustainably packaged beauty, baby, and personal care brand around? No. But they make good, affordable, and thoughtfully formulated items that are better than most of what’s out there. We also love that the brand can be found easily at Target, Amazon, and Wal-mart: getting better-for-you items into the mainstream is always a good thing. 
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A woman with smooth skin and natural-looking makeup looks into a compact as she applies mascara.

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