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Activist Skincare

While new clean skincare companies pop up often, Los Angeles-based Activist Skincare has us excited. This woman-owned brand has a small line of excellent products that made our Marketplace Editor’s skin glow. They also have a truly effective packaging and refill system that works better than anything else we’ve seen in the skincare sector. Their refillable Trial Kit, for instance, doubles as a travel set. It comes with seven core items that will work for most complexions (those with very oily skin won’t be a great match) and lasts for over two weeks. It also offers shoppers the opportunity to try three cleansers and two serums before choosing a favorite. The four-step final routine is easy and not overly precious. As a smaller brand, Activist is still in the process of obtaining organic certifications for its products. But, we’ve tried almost of all their nine items and like what we see so far. Everything is vegan, aside from the two suncare products (which contain beeswax). GET 20% off your purchase with code BLUEDOT20.
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A small burlap bag with the word Activist on it is open on its side with small assorted vials and tins of skincare products.

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