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Manduka Yoga Props

Two of Bluedot’s in-house yogis, Mollie Doyle and Robin Jones, love the Manduka brand for yoga. Both use a Manduka mat and recommend many Manduka props as well. Jones, who runs sweaty, always practices with one of Manduka’s “game-changing” Yogitoes towels atop her mat. “They just don’t move at all. I got one and all of a sudden I could do a bunch of poses much better, because my hands and feet stayed in place. Robin and Mollie also use Manduka yoga blocks, although Robin prefers heavier cork blocks, while Mollie likes lighter foam. Our Marketplace Editor uses the brand’s curved, recycled foam unBloks. The ergonomic design offers excellent wrist support, she says, allowing her to find stability in more poses. We appreciate that Manduka’s blocks use mostly recycled, rather than virgin, foam. Manduka also makes clothing, wool-filled meditation cushions, and more.  
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Three people in a yoga studio face away from the camera in triangle pose, each with their front foot parallel to their yoga mats and their back feet perpendicular to their yoga mats. All three use either a cork or a recycled foam yoga block to support their lower hand in the posture.
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