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Unless Collective Sneakers

Unless Collective, a vegan streetwear company, launched its first shoes in December 2022. Their plastic-free, 100% bio-based Degenerate sneakers are designed to eventually decompose. Given how much trash there is on Earth, that’s a very good thing. To create the shoes, Unless partnered with Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), a company that develops new sustainable, plant-based materials. For now, less is more — the Degenerate is available in just one ‘90s-esque skateboard-style, and in two colors: black and white, at a cost of $139. Once the shoes wear out, they can be returned to Unless to, well, degenerate. According to NFW, “the entire shoe can be easily mechanically broken down into either plant food and soil or new NFW material for future product.” We love this evolution in modern footwear.
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A pair of ivory-white sneakers with white laces, thick rubber soles, and a small black logo on the top of the tongue, made by the brand Unless Collective.

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