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Animal Experience International

Animal Experience International (AEI), a Canadian B Corporation, matches travelers with animal-related volunteer opportunities. AEI helps connect individuals to wildlife sanctuaries that they have thoroughly vetted (pun intended), and also offers a few pre-scheduled group trips every year. Hands-on trips include helping at dog rescue centers in Spain, Mexico, or Nepal; wildlife rehab centers in Australia, Guatemala, and Thailand, and bat conservation centers in Australia and Cuba. Another trip offers the opportunity to observe and monitor wild horses in Mongolia. Animal Experience educates travelers on ethical tourism before booking and departure, and they also offset travelers’ trip-related emissions.
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The photo shows a woman holding a small (3-4’) gray shark over the side of a boat. The woman is wearing black and photographed from behind, and it looks as though she is about to drop the shark into the ocean. In the foreground is blue-green water and then a town, with mountains behind it.

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